1280 Triplett Blvd, Akron, Ohio 44306

Akron Haunted Schoolhouse

The Haunted Schoolhouse offers you the rare opportunity to face your deepest fears… your darkest thoughts… and the twisted night terrors that haunt your dreams. Ms. Alvah, was never your typical school librarian. She wasn’t content to simply ‘tell’ stories of creepy castles or dark dungeons. She wanted her students to appreciate the books she held so dear… to actually ‘experience’ them, as it were.

Having discovered ancient texts long hidden within the library’s walls, she finally found the way to do just that. She learned spells that forced her students to literally enter, and become a part of, each and every terrifying tale. Word of these missing students got out, and as they were never found, the school was forced to close its doors.

Years passed, and as no one suspected Ms. Alvah, she returned to her beloved library and continued to work her spells. In secret and under the cover of night she invites YOU to enter the ancient books….walk between their dusty covers… traverse their brittle pages… and pray it is her books, and not you, that get ‘checked-out.’

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