1300 Triplett Blvd, Akron, Ohio 44306

Akron Haunted Laboratory

In the Haunted Laboratory, meet the deranged Dr. Guggenheim, who for years has led a team of scientists in his mad pursuit of manipulating DNA and controlling genetics. “Nature has gone far too slow on its own. People are still so weak…. so pathetic. Only my genius and my virus can speed up the process of evolution,” he claims.

Working late one night, the Doctor was caught in an accidental explosion that not only burned most of his body and disfigured his face beyond recognition… it also released the virus, which has spread quickly and contaminates the air throughout the laboratory’s four floors. Even if you can escape before the monstrous Doctor finds you or his creatures tear you limb from limb… the virus will likely infect you… and you may begin to feel the change even after you’ve found the relative safety of home.…

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